Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Questions to Ask About Health Insurance

It’s no secret that health insurance is complicated.  When
I became Commissioner of Insurance, I knew
Marguerite Salazar, Commissioner of Insurance
Colorado Division of Insurance
Coloradans would face many challenges as they try to understand health reform. That’s why I’m pleased to share the resources the Colorado Division of Insurance has to help consumers get informed and make better health insurance decisions.

Making better decisions means we are better prepared when we need our insurance the most. So I’m excited about our relationship with 9HealthFair, because both organizations want to get people reliable information.

DOI’s mission is consumer protection. One of the best ways to protect consumers is to educate them. We have online resources and a team of experts ready to answer your questions at 303-894-7490 or 800-930-3745 outside the metro area. They can help you understand your policy and make sure you receive the benefits for which you pay. They also can help you understand your responsibilities and the role of your doctor, insurer, employer or agent.

Regulating Health Insurers Protects Consumers

DOI regulates health insurance companies to make sure they follow the law and can afford to pay your claims. When a company wants to raise premiums, DOI makes sure the plans are priced appropriately and include all the benefits required by law. We aim to create a fair and competitive marketplace with plenty of choice for consumers.

Better Decisions, Better Prepared

When people make better decisions, they will be better prepared when they need their insurance. We encourage consumers to ask five simple questions:

What are my options?
What benefits does my plan include?
Is my doctor included in the plan’s network?
How much does it cost? What is my deductible? What is my co-pay?
Are my prescription medications covered?

Asking these questions will help you understand your options, your rights and your responsibilities. If you don’t think you’re getting what you purchased, give us a call or visit our website.


  1. I'm gonna tell you straight away, you MUST be on the take from the industry you are SUPPOSED to oversee Ms. Salazar. My girlfriend's individual health policy was cancelled by Kaiser and 'replaced' by a LESSER COVERAGE policy with a premium INCREASE of 40%. Would you like to spin that???

  2. This is just the beginning. Huge increases in Medicaid beneficiaries, already. Not just for insurance, but food stamps and all the rest.

  3. And insurance industry? Try the administration and their agenda.

  4. My disabled son did have insurance through CoverColorado, the state high-risk pool. It was very, very expensive but we crunched pennies to make it work because CoverColorado did cover his ABA therapy. As you know, CoverColorado is cancelled now. The policies available to him on the exchange are MORE EXPENSIVE than his already very expensive CoverColorado. We just can't afford any more. Than leaves his only option as the Medicaid Buy-In Program for Children with Disabilities, which doesn't cover his needed ABA therapy. So now, instead of paying what we could and him getting therapy, the taxpayers will pay most of his costs and he'll go without therapy. I THOUGHT THE Affordable Care Act was supposed to be helping disabled people???? Please comment.....